Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Iphone 5 comming out summer ?? start saving money !!! and GET INSURANCE!!!!


It's our job to keep the various rumors about upcoming Apple devices straight, but even we have a hard time. Right now, it's looking like Apple won't be releasing a new iPhone this summer as had been expected, but may later in the year. But what will it be like?
There have been rumors of bigger screens, faster processors, and even a touchless payment system built in, and that's just the tip of the iCeberg. (See what I did there?) Thankfully, the wonderful artists from French Web site have stepped in to help. They've created a giant infographic (part of which you see above) that not only conveniently lists all the various rumors going around, but also gives odds on each one becoming real.
And they made it look awesome. I recommend that each of you bookmark this image to use as a reference as we wait and wait for the next iPhone to arrive. It helps.

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